Nomination of a new Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco (April 2010)

The Minister of State represents the Prince. He is the top authority second to the Prince and is appointed by Him. In his capacity as President of the Government Council, he is in charge of the Administration and is assisted by five Government Councilors.

Description: Michel RogerAppointed by Sovereign Order on 3rd March 2010, Mr. Michel Roger, Minister of State of the Principality, has taken up office on 29th March 2010. He is a French citizen and was born on March 9, 1949 in Poitiers (Vienne, France).
He is married with one child.


- Diploma of specialized studies in private law and criminal science

- French State Doctorate in private law

In 1970, H.E. Michel Roger began his career in France as a lawyer, very quickly turning towards education and training as an assistant lecturer, then lecturer and finally senior lecturer authorized to oversee research at the Faculty of Law in Poitiers, a post he held until 1986. From 1984 to 1986, he was also the Director of the Institute of Judicial Studies of this faculty and of the Centre-West School of Lawyers.

His career as a senior official began in 1975, at the same time as his activities within the Faculty of Law: he was the Policy Officer within the cabinet of the Minister of Justice, then Technical Advisor to the cabinet of the Minister for Territorial Planning and Management.

From 1986, his duties led him to National Education: Policy Officer within the cabinet of the Minister of National Education, Inspector General of National Education, Director of the cabinet of the Minister of National Education from 1987 to 1988, Inspector General of National Education assigned to economic and social sciences.

As a Member of the Principality of Monaco’s Supreme Court from 2007 to his present nomination, H.E. Michel Roger already boasts in-depth knowledge of Monaco and its institutions.