The development of tourism occured in the mid 19th century when the Principality was reduced to its present size. In order to survive economically, the idea of a resort including a casino was launched.

From the very beginning, tourism developed far beyond the most optimistic forecasts. In 1868, when the railway line between Nice and Ventimiglia was completed, the number of tourists increased remarkably, thereby rapidly expanding the economy.

The main establishment, the Casino, was quickly surrounded by luxury hotels and splendid buildings. This area changed its name in 1866 and in honor of Prince Charles III assumed that of Monte-Carlo.

Monaco offers a wide range of attractions. Whether you are interested in relaxing, exploring, taking in an exhibit or a show or going out for a night on the town, Monaco is the perfect destination.

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The Principality offers a wide range of highly sophisticated convention facilities, and many hotels can also be used for conferences and exhibitions.

Among these is the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, considered by some as the Convention Center of the Third Millennium.

Monaco offers year round opportunities for the travel community.

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The Grimaldi Forum Monaco: The Convention Center of the Third Millennium

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco (named after Monaco’s ruling dynasty) opened for meetings in September 2000. The daylight-filled building on the sea has a stunning glass entrance and two convention restaurants, each seating 420. Built on land reclaimed from the sea, it is an engineering miracle. The 500 cubic meters of water pumped out per hour generate enough energy to heat and cool the building while not damaging sea life in any way.

Its 1,800-seat auditorium with a 10,925 sq. ft. stage and a balcony for 500 is used for ballet and opera performances as well as meetings, and has become a new center of culture for the Principality. Two other auditoriums seat 400 and 800 people each. There are 23 breakout rooms for 10 to 400 and two large exhibition halls with various stage possibilities. The larger one (45,200 sq. ft.) is pillar-free, with a 23-ft. ceiling and space for up to 200 trade show booths; the other, designed for art exhibitions and galas, can hold 155 booths (which can be joined together). Advanced technology provides external networking access through relay satellite, Internet or interactive terminal.

With over 2,200 first-class and deluxe hotel rooms, a central location and a temperate climate, Monaco is an ideal destination all year round. Monaco’s easy accessibility from many international airports (14 miles from Nice International) makes global gatherings a cinch and its privacy and security give it preference over other potential sites.

Most of its hotel rooms are within walking distance of the Forum and therefore shuttles are rarely required.

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